Think Glocal

Think Glocal. This is our claim: we think as a global company for the ability to manage shipments to and from any location on the planet, but we act as a local company that welcomes and manages any type of request from the territory.

We are a family business that has been in the shipping, air, land, and rail industries for over 70 years, with a specialization in customs advice. Since 2006, we have been the first to represent the south of Italy within the WCA network: with a strong presence on the ground, we can provide logistical and customs assistance in all Italian ports and airports.


Cargo volumes between 2016 and 2020


We have seen a 44 percent increase in cargo volumes between 2016 and 2020. We can now say that our specialty is shortening distances because we are close to every corner of the globe.


We are present in Naples, Bari and all Italian airports and ports


Professionalism, competence, and responsiveness


Speed, punctuality, and feedback speed


The cargo volumes planned for 2022

The near future

For the year 2022, we anticipate an increase in cargo volumes of up to 15%. The development of new technologies, the birth of quality partnerships, and the study of a brand image that can faithfully reflect the corporate personality: the future begins now.


We are putting new technologies in place for the future.

Brand ideantity

A rebranding project to help you stand out and make a difference.


New relationships are generating new business for us.

The principles that guide us


Confirmed by the shortening of distances and the strengthening of relationships


Developed over seventy years of labor and passed down from generation to generation


Developed in the shipping, customs, and tax consulting fields


Choices that aim to always take new paths represent this.

Enrico Francesco Crasta

General Manager

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Walter Crasta

Business Operations Manager

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